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John Hilton Coaching Course 28th Aug 2010

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

John Hilton – Coaching Course 2010

Saturday 29th Aug – Monday 31st Aug 2010
10am – 4pm every day

Dear member,
You are invited to a John Hilton table tennis course. Please contact Simon Marriner on 07702552268 for more details.
· Course duration Three days.
· Members only.
· £60.00 per person.
· Food and drink not included.
· Deposit of 50% required now, Paid in full by Aug 1st.

John in his younger days

Summer League 2010 Div 1 Fixtures

Hi All,
Here are the teams and fixtures for the Div 1 Summer league. Please download the PDF document press print.

Cadet Invitation Tournament, 2010 Totton

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Last Sunday 16th May 2010, saw a very successful day for Bournemouth Sports TTC.
Rebecca Kuzu took the girls singles trophy for the second year running by defeating : Emma Sheen 3-0, Ruth Pickering 3-0 and Hannah McErlane 3-1 in a round robin event.

Hugo Pang was Cadet Boys Runner up, after going out to five games against George Downing in a spectacular final.

Jack Rees also made it to the final, and took his trophy for runner - up in the Tyro Consolation event.
Becky was presented the Trophy by Sheen Feltham. See Right.

Adventures of a new Famous Five.

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Dusk was setting on a still May evening and all was quiet and peaceful in the sleepy village of Child Okeford in the heart of deepest Dorset. You could easily hear the sound of crickets chirping and serenading in the adjacent meadow, the occasional clucking screech of a male pheasant, and the sweet smell of new mown grass wafting around. The five approached the old building from the winding narrow lane. Sanja being the oldest of the group said to Matt “Are you sure this is the right place” as the five walked quietly towards the huge old rustic oak double door that led into the Village Hall!
I can hear several voices coming from inside the hall, so this must be the place” said Damien to Tressa, and ten year old Hugo spoke in his quiet and angelic voice saying “I can hear people talking too, Damien”. Matt assured the others that this was the place they had to be and at 6pm sharp, according to Uncle Gary’s instructions. Matt pulled the heavy and creaky door open as the five strolled quietly into the lobby entrance of the Old Village Hall. Laden with all their heavy bags and rucksacks they were eager to get inside, take the weight of their shoulders and meet everyone. Uncle Gary appeared from the hallway and welcomed them into the playing hall where an instant loud cheer from a packed audience of over 100 people greeted the Famous Five.

Cadet Masters -- Tressa Runner-up

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Tressa Armitage, recently promoted to England Number 2 on the April ranking list, held the position and finished runner-up to Emily Bates, England No. 1, in the Cadet Masters at Cippenham this weekend. Tin Tin Ho finished 3rd, Vicky Smith 4th, with Jessica Dawson in 5th place. Tressa only dropped two matches during the weekend to Emily and Jessica, won 6 in three straight and won 3 others in five, demonstrating her usual strong finishing in the final set. Tressa's placings in the Junior Masters (5th) and the Cadet Masters (2nd) leave her in a very strong position for selection to the England Cadet Team in the European Youth Championships later in the year in Turkey.

Girl Power Wins the Day

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Pic:- L - R Rowden Fullen, Nathan Bingham, Hannah Hicks, Tressa Armitage and Steven Foster.

The titanic clash between the A and B teams for the premiership title did not disappoint. Both teams had 72 points going into this final match, but the B team had a games average of 167 – 33 and the A team 164 – 36. This meant the A team had to win, a draw would suffice for the B side. The average age of the B side on the day was less than 17. We will tactfully not reveal the average age of the A team this season – sufficient to say that when Tony Clayton beat Stellan Bengtsson in the late 1960’s he was yet to become world champion and the A team has won the Bournemouth premier every year since 1993.

Coach Education Day - 26th June 2010

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

We have arranged for the South West Regional Coach Paul Whiting to give ours and other coaches a coach Education Day (previously known as coaches’ workshops). They are a fantastic opportunity to update your current skills/knowledge and also share ideas with other coaches from your Region. It is also being suggested by the ETTA Coaching Department that the Coach Education days will cover certain CPD modules required for coaches to obtain their coaching licence in the future. 10:00am – 2:00pm Saturday 26th June 2009
Please print and forward the completed PDF application form below.

Hugo retains title

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Hugo continued his winning streak in the Schools Individuals at the Dome, Doncaster on Saturday 24th April.

Defending the Under 11 title he won last year Hugo won yet again winning all his games 3 -- 0 and demonstrating his superiority in this age group.

Hugo has one more year in the Under 11's and hopes to complete the triple. Tin Tin Ho in Girls' 11 and Natalie Slater in Girls' 16 have already achieved the triple.

Clash of the Season Re-Arranged

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

This coming Thursday 29th April sees what will be the league title decider, Bournemouth Spts "A" v Bournemouth Spts "B".

The "A" team have only lost one match in fifteen years when able to field full strength team and that was to the "B" team. If history repeats itself the "B" team should go on to take the title