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Girl Power Wins the Day

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Pic:- L - R Rowden Fullen, Nathan Bingham, Hannah Hicks, Tressa Armitage and Steven Foster.

The titanic clash between the A and B teams for the premiership title did not disappoint. Both teams had 72 points going into this final match, but the B team had a games average of 167 – 33 and the A team 164 – 36. This meant the A team had to win, a draw would suffice for the B side. The average age of the B side on the day was less than 17. We will tactfully not reveal the average age of the A team this season – sufficient to say that when Tony Clayton beat Stellan Bengtsson in the late 1960’s he was yet to become world champion and the A team has won the Bournemouth premier every year since 1993.

Coach Education Day - 26th June 2010

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

We have arranged for the South West Regional Coach Paul Whiting to give ours and other coaches a coach Education Day (previously known as coaches’ workshops). They are a fantastic opportunity to update your current skills/knowledge and also share ideas with other coaches from your Region. It is also being suggested by the ETTA Coaching Department that the Coach Education days will cover certain CPD modules required for coaches to obtain their coaching licence in the future. 10:00am – 2:00pm Saturday 26th June 2009
Please print and forward the completed PDF application form below.

Hugo retains title

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Hugo continued his winning streak in the Schools Individuals at the Dome, Doncaster on Saturday 24th April.

Defending the Under 11 title he won last year Hugo won yet again winning all his games 3 -- 0 and demonstrating his superiority in this age group.

Hugo has one more year in the Under 11's and hopes to complete the triple. Tin Tin Ho in Girls' 11 and Natalie Slater in Girls' 16 have already achieved the triple.

Clash of the Season Re-Arranged

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

This coming Thursday 29th April sees what will be the league title decider, Bournemouth Spts "A" v Bournemouth Spts "B".

The "A" team have only lost one match in fifteen years when able to field full strength team and that was to the "B" team. If history repeats itself the "B" team should go on to take the title


Junior Masters 2010

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

For those of you who don’t know much about the Junior Masters this is the single toughest event on the table tennis calendar. The top 14 under 18 girls and boys in the country meet and all play all. For any player with technical or mental weaknesses there is absolutely no hiding place. This tournament above all poses important questions for the player to answer and demonstrates clearly which performers have the psychological stability and endurance to bounce back after defeat.

As a cadet (playing under 15 events) ranked only at 13 in the juniors and meeting girls up to three years older, Tressa was not really expected to achieve too much. She actually finished in 5th position, beating the 3rd and 4th placed players and only losing to the runner-up in a close fought 5-set match. Six of her 12 matches (one player dropped out injured) went the full distance and Tressa won 4 of these on the 5th showing good mental toughness.

On the Sunday she did lose to a couple of players she would normally beat but then bounced back to play some truly awesome table tennis in the last couple of matches. On reflection Tressa will probably consider she could have finished 3rd or even runner-up. But events like this are a learning curve in themselves and she will still be one of the younger players in this competition next year.

Hugo Wins in Guernsey

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club
British Primary International Championships
Date: Friday 9th/Sunday 11th April 2010
Venue: Guernsey
Format: Team/Individual, Boys/Girls
Teams: England, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Scotland, Wales
Congratulations to the following players selected to represent the English Schools' Table Tennis Association

Progress on the International Front

We are currently enjoying some considerable success. Two of our players, Hannah Hicks and Matt Ware competed in the Luxembourg International in April and this was Matt's first senior cap (may many more follow). Matt performed particularly well finishing in 27th place well ahead of Reed, Nicholls and McBeath and only one place behind Gavin Evans. Hannah has been selected to play for England in the World Championships in Moscow at the end of May and both Hannah and Matt are on the short-list to play for England in the Commonwealths in India, later in the year.

National League Success

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club became Division 4 South Champions in the British League when they won their final four matches at Barnet on the 13th and 14th March. A good all round team performance from Matthew Haynes, Nathan Bingham, Tom Andrews, Stephen Foster and Brian Burn resulted in victories against Ellenborough II 7-1, Hastings 8-0, Batts Team Peniel 7-1 and Westbury White Horses 7-1.

The team remained undefeated throughout the season and Nathan, Tom and Stephen maintained their 100% records. Hannah Hicks and Brian Garraway were also unbeaten in the league. During the season the team won 103 sets and only lost 9.The won and lost ratio is one of the best in all of the divisions.

It is difficult to select the most outstanding player of the weekend when three players were undefeated, but this accolade must go to Nathan Bingham. In fact, he has been the player of the season and his main attributes have been his excellent temperament and never say die attitude.

Steven Foster - Bournemouth & District Champion

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

By Geoff Ware
Eighteen year old Steve Foster that also hails from the Bournemouth Sports Club and yet another prodigy of the Sports club coaching staff headed by Rowden Fullen, was the star of the show in completing a brilliant hat trick of results in taking all the Men’s main three titles.
The premier division final between Mark Butler (ranked 104 in England) and Steve Foster (over 300 places lower in ETTA Men’s rankings) was on paper a stroll in the park for the ultra experienced Butler. However as we saw earlier in the evening in the Women’s Singles, it’s all about what happens on the night, and the progression made by the younger players. Right from the start of the final Steve was totally in the zone and was eager to impress the audience. Belying his much lower ranking status and experience over his opponent, Steve always looked the stronger in the many awesome topspin rallies and weathered the storm of backhand bullets and tough spin serves Butler continued to deliver. The match was a dream for any neutral supporter and inevitably went to a fifth set. Foster took an early lead by the end turn, and despite a determined and sustained challenge by Butler, Steve took the title and the final set 11-9, punching the air with sheer delight.

Su West - Bournemouth & District Ladies Champion

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club
By Geoff Ware
Played in front of a spellbound and capacity audience the Women’s Singles final between Sanja Clements (reigning English National Veterans Champion) and Su West was one of the best ever in the Associations 86 year history! Sanja started the match as the hot favourite to take the title over the much less experienced Su West, with both these ladies possessing unique playing styles. Sanja who plays for the Merton Club in the Premier division is a pen hold player with a devastating forehand smash combined with exceptional blocking skills. This contrasts to Su from the well known Bournemouth Sports club who also competes in the Premier and is a leftie that plays with aggressive punching interspersed with occasional chopping and short dead blocking on her long pimpled backhand side with opportunist hard hitting on her forehand wing.