Sophie hitting big time

In the last 6 months Bournemouth's Sophie Barcsai has gone from strength to strength. In the Euro Mini Championships at the end of August 2019 she finished in 10th place, way ahead of any of the other girls from the UK.  As  a result she was invited to participate in the 2019 Stiga Masters Minimes (the best U11 and U12 players in Europe) in Belgium where she finished in 5th place.  At the beginning of January 2020 Sophie played in the Hungarian Minis Open winning the Under 11 event and only dropping 2 sets throughout the whole competition.  She won the Quarters, Semis and Final all 3 -- 0.  

Of course sadly Sophie represents Hungary, the Home Countries insisting that she has a British Passport before they will allow her to be involved at National Level in UK, even though she was born in Britain and has lived all her life here. And of course it is vital for any player's development that he/she accumulates International experience at as early an age as possible, sitting back and waiting for the appropriate documentation quite simply means the player never reaches full potential and misses the 'window'.  Interestingly enough Rowden, who has coached now for around 70 years at all levels, in many different countries worldwide, considers Sophie to be one of the greatest talents he has ever seen.  The only other girl he has seen of similar potential over the years was Olga Nemes, from Romania, who stunned Europe by winning the European Women's Top 12 in 1985 at the tender age of only 15.  Rowden considers Sophie to be not only as good, but if handled correctly, an even better prospect.