Sophie Barcsai takes Bronze in England Schools

On Saturday 29th April Sophie, representing Dorset, played in the Under 11 event of the England Schools Individuals in Wolverhampton. She is eight years old and has three more years competing in this event. All the other competitors were older mostly ten or in a number of cases already eleven as the cut-off date for participants was September 2016.
For those not familiar with the Schools, children qualify first in their own county and the winners progress to the National finals where the best in the country compete in their own age groups. Altogether there are 51 representatives ( London is split into 5 areas)
Sophie played first in a group of six girls, all play all and she won every match by a score of 3 -- 0. She then had a bye and progressed to the quarter-finals. At this stage she won again 3 -- 0 and was in the semis. What was interesting was that the 2nd girl in Sophie's group (whom she had already beaten) also proceeded to the semis and from there to the final.
In the semi-final Sophie lost 0 -- 3 to the number 1 seed, Anna Green, who won the final comfortably. This would appear to indicate that even though Sophie is years younger than other competitors, even now there is only one girl in her age group in the schools capable of beating her.