Memorable Weekend for Chloe in Sweden

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

There are not many table tennis players who arrive at a foreign airport on their way home to find their picture on the front page of the newspapers in the foyer. But this happened to Chloe Thomas after saving her Elite Swedish team from relegation last weekend. Chloe was 'headhunted' by one of the smaller Elite Clubs after Xmas, when their professional player Carolyn Cordero from Puerto Rico wasn't able to renew her visa. On the weekend of 8th/9th March Chloe's team had to win at least one match, preferably both, to avoid relegation or the dangerous situation of being involved in playoffs. Chloe duly obliged winning all six singles (2 against Swedish National players) dropping only one end and both doubles with Vietnamese team-mate Michelle Quach: her style of play was reported in the papers as being 'relentless'! Her team won both matches 6 -- 3 but in fact before the doubles in each the match position was 3 -- 3; in both cases Chloe and her partner won the doubles and Chloe won a vital singles to ensure victory.
Chloe also discovered a novel method of preparing for big matches -- skiing downhill backwards, the only slight problem being stopping! However Chloe even found a new method of doing that!