Junior British League - Final Weekend

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Success for the Bournemouth Sports Junior Boys who won Division 1 and have now gained promotion into the Premier for next season. The team consisting of Jamie Trevillion, Hugo Pang, Finn Morgan-Bayliss and Zac Dowling even though winning the Division found things a lot tougher in the final weekend of matches of February 8th-9th. After the first weekend the boys were 3 points ahead of 2nd placed Ireland, after winning all their matches, so they just needed to make sure they did enough in the final weekend of matches to secure 1st place.

In the end that’s what they did as they won the required points needed and won the Division by 1 point with the title being decided by the very last singles match between Hugo and Alan Walsh from Ireland, with Hugo eventually handling the pressure and winning 3-1 to the teams delight!

Over the weekend the team won 1, drew 3 and lost 1. Compared to the first weekend of 5 wins it wasn’t as successful however the boys did well, digging deep to get the required results. Especially as the other teams either had stronger players playing this time round or had raised their game considerably playing some very high level table tennis against the Bournemouth team.

This time around Jamie played as the number 1 in the team, after his great results at the Junior Masters in January. At the number 1 position he did find things tougher winning 4/10 compared to 9/10 on the previous weekend but Jamie did well to get important wins for the team and to pick himself up after losses. Hugo played at a high level over most of the weekend, only losing one match to the inspired James Hobson who played some incredible defensive table tennis combined with good attacking play. Finn won 2/8 but played well over the weekend having some hard matches. Finn won a crucial match vs Jimmy Yeung for the team to get a draw against London Academy who were in 3rd place at the time. He won the match 11-7 in the 5th playing with great control, spin and placement to put off the all-attacking Jimmy. Zac who travelled up with the team the first weekend to support them while he was still recovering from his knee injury got a chance to play this time. He played in the first match against Ellenborough A who had a stronger team out than the first round of matches, he lost both but gained some valuable experience from them. Over both weekends Zac showed that he is a team player, supporting the team on every occasion, even when his own play wasn’t going as well as expected, so he should be pleased with himself for this.

Overall the boys should be very pleased with themselves and can look forward and prepare for the Premier Division next year!

The girls, also playing in Division One finished in a safe 4th place and well ahead of Ellenborough and Northfield. Our new signing Hiba Feredj finished 2nd in the overall averages, winning 19 out of 20 matches. Two matches were drawn and of the 4 matches we lost 3 of these were 2 – 4 and with a little more confidence the result could have been different. In fact Bournemouth beat both of the teams in 2nd and 3rd place in the home matches, but lost away. Amy Blagbrough is of course still a cadet and competing against much older girls and this was Hannah McErlane’s last year as a junior so the team needs to be strengthened for next season.

For more information on follow the link below to the British League website and click on Juniors and either boys or girls Division 1.