Bournemouth Players Shine in Aldershot

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Bournemouth Sports players performed well in the inaugural Aldershot Senior Grand Prix. Hannah Hicks back in training after a relaxing summer cruised to the final of the Women's Open only to be soundly beaten by World No 44, Yang Xiaoxin, former training partner to Ding Ning, the current No 1. Finn Morgan-Bayliss was dominant in Men's bands 5 and 6, winning 5 and losing in the semi-final in 6. Amy Blagbrough reached the semis of the Under 21's in her first season as a Junior and also the final of Women's Band 3.
It was also good to see several younger members of the club such as Zac Dowling, Lily Cherry, Jacob Blackburn, Ali Malloch and Matt Stanfield testing the water in Senior events.