Bournemouth Player at No. 1

Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club

Interesting that Bournemouth Sports Club once again has a young player right at the top of the English rankings/ratings. This is young Sophie Barcsai currently just 7 years of age and not 8 till 2017. In a recent tournament for young players in Pymouth she won both the U9 and U10 events, which were mixed, with boys and girls competing on level terms.
England have recently published an Under 10 girls' ranking list in preparation for next years Under 10 Nationals. Sophie is on what is called the rating list (as she is not classed as eligible to play for England) but is in fact ahead on points of the current ranked England No 1 girl Under 10. Sophie has also recently beaten the No 7 girl on the Under 12 ranking list.
Even more impressive Sophie represented Dorset County in the Junior Team (girls Under 18) and in her match against current Welsh International, Lydia John (some 8 years older), won the first end 11-7 and only dropped the second 9-11, before losing to a vastly more experienced player. Someone to watch for the future!