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Coaching Articles

I've written some more coaching papers covering some of the basic mistakes made in playing table tennis and how to attack a chopped ball through understanding the spin. Hope this at least stimulates some thoughts.

Coaching Articles

Hi All,
I hope you are OK with me postng these articles here ? I thought they might, at the very least, stimulate some thought - and that's what's it about at the end of the day. Its difficult to cover the complexities of the game in a one page summary whilst at the same time not wanting to create too much content in one go.

Block Chop - A Stroke from the past .......

I've created a brief article on Block Chop - A stroke from the past in some ways as you don't often see it in today's game. Hope you find the article of some interest and give it a go ! There are other ways to create the shot to do experiment and have some fun.

Coaching Article - Know your Enemy

I've written a little ditty about the game "off" the table that I hope will provide some thought in understanding the benefits from "Knowing your enemy".........

Coaching Article - Serving

Please see the attached coaching document I have written which you may find of interest. I have tried to cover some key elements on serving which I hope will stimulate some thought. The piece about service return is very dependent upon your style and ability so that are many options out there.